Image of STERILE MIND - s/t 7"


Sorry State Review - "Debut vinyl from this Bay Area band and it's a big step up from their already very good demo cassette. This is one of those "total package" records where everything fits together, and all aspects of the songwriting, performance, recording and packaging/presentation all fit together into a seamless whole. Musically, Sterile Mind remind me a lot of personal favorites Sickoids. While SM don't have some of the weirder, Die Kreuzen-esque riffage, the explosive performance and almost rabid-sounding vocals definitely recall Sickoids' abundance of energy, particularly on their No Home 12". Like I said, the Packaging here is also great with a well designed sleeve and a really cool risograph printed poster/lyric insert. While it's not as retro-sounding and easy to pigeonhole as some of the stuff kids go nuts for these days, this is some of the most explosive, well-executed hardcore I've heard in a while. Highly recommended"

Includes a Lyric Sheet/Poster insert