Image of STERILE MIND - Lift The Mask LP


Long in the works and finally ready for consumption, STERILE MIND is back with their first LP, Lift The Mask. A fully realized vision of what our future holds, the record is stark, brutal and unforgiving. Further embracing the off-kilter elements that were present on their S/T 7", Lift The Mask continues the agenda of a band not satisfied with residing in the status quo. Ripping hardcore punk complimented by thoughtful songwriting, unorthodox arrangements and dripping-with-contempt lyrics. A good reference point could be bands from the early ABC NO RIO scene, a touch of East Bay hardcore with the speed and intensity of classic Swedish D-Beat. Welcome to the future, friends. It's looking pretty bleakā€¦

180 Gram Vinyl w/download card, lyric sheet and newsprint poster.